Best Educational Toys for Kids

Experts agree that toys that are both fun and educational at the same time.

Our specialist spend good chunks of time studying the best educational toys for kids to add to our website.

Educational toys for kids are divided according to the age groups.

Educational Toys for Babies (0 to 1 year old)

There is a wide range of toys that babies can enjoy and learn from as well. These toys are usually fun and not expensive.

Stacking cups

This kind of toys will help your baby to develop eye-hand coordination as well as problem solving skills, among many other skills.

Teether toys

These toys help to soothe the baby’s gums and teeth, and also they provide stimulus to the baby’s eyes because it is colorful.

Pop up toys

These toys are fun for babies who are 6-12 months old. These toys usually teach the baby about cause-effect as they include pushing a button for a character to appear magically from a closed door.  


Choosing the right kind of blocks is important. Try to buy the soft ones, the ones with no edges in order for your baby not to harm her/ himself.

These toys are safe and quite enjoyable and if parents were part of playing babies will develop their language skills as well.

Educational toys for toddlers (1-5 years old)

There is a variety of toys for toddlers that help ignite their imagination.

  • Dolls, animals and action figures.
  • Tricycles, balls and ride on games.
  • Colouring, painting supplies and an easel.
  • Puzzles and card games.
  • Bath toys.

Psychological studies assert that simple toys help kids to develop a wider range of imagination.

It is better to delay the introduction of digital toys as much as possible as these toys, according to experts, this type of toys cause a decline in the physical activity.

You can find a wide range of the best educational toys for kids on our website.

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