How to Decorate Kids’ Rooms part 2

Laying Out the Room

Consider your kid’s needs.

How to Decorate Kids’ Rooms part 2. Think about how your kid plays, how old they are, and how they could realistically use the space. It’s easy to design a room that you’d like for yourself but remember that kids have very different needs than adults. Their personality will also play a big part in how they enjoy the room and what they’ll need to get the most from their room.

  • For example, a bench at the foot of the bed is useful for you to get ready in the morning, but your child wouldn’t use one.
  • For example, are they more bookish? If so It’s probably more important to have a reading area with a comfy place to sit than a larger play area that they’ll never use. But it depends on them!

Double up as much space as you can.

Kids benefit from open floor space in a way that adults do not, so try to find ways to give them as much space as possible. A good way to do this is to make some spaces do double duty. A loft bed, for example, is not only fun for your child but allows you to tuck away items like a dresser and a desk, so that your child has the rest of the room to play in.

Group spaces.

 When arranging furniture in a room, it’s a good idea to try to group the furniture items by function. For example, put the dresser and bed next to each other because those are the functional items of the room, and have another area that’s for play and contains bookshelves and toys.

  • You can even use furniture to divide a room into smaller sections. Make a secret bed cove by placing the bed against the back wall and then placing big book shelves across in front of it. Your child will love their secret hide out!

Scale furniture to the kids and the room.

 Remember: you don’t want big furniture in a small room if you can help it. If your child’s bedroom is small, don’t take up all the space to move around with big beds and dressers that they don’t really need. You should also remember that kids are small…a big bed that they have to jump to get in to isn’t going to help them a lot, for example.

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