Silicone Molds

Many people are using silicone molds for baking, but are these products safe? How can you use them?

In addition to many other questions, we will attempt to answer them all in the following article.

1- Can silicone molds be used in ovens directly?

Silicone molds are safe to use directly in ovens with high temperatures up to 375 degrees. These products can also be used in microwaves.

It is also worth mentioning that silicone molds do not release odors or fumes that might affect the flavor of your bakeries.

2- Will silicone molds melt?

These products are made of sand and rock and designed to endure high temperatures.

3- Are they easy to clean?

Yes, it is easy to clean both silicone molds and pans and they do not need to be greased.

4- Does food cook faster using them?

Yes, food cooks faster using these molds.

5- Is silicone bake-ware better than metal?

Each and every kitchen ware has its own advantages and own specific use. Silicone bake ware are good to use if are worried about burning your bakeries.

6- Is silicone toxic when heated?

Silicone is a non-toxic and environment friendly, unlike plastic for example. It is also good to use for cooking as it does not release any fumes or interact with any food.

7- What are the advantages of silicone molds?

  • Easy to store, as they do not take much space and are flexible so it is easy to fold them and store them in a kitchen drawer.
  •  Very easy to clean using a dishwasher or under a tap water.
  • Safe to cook and storing food.
  • Can be used for both baking as well as freezing.

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